Best Snowboarding Spots Around the World

Best Snowboarding Spots Around the World

Whistler, Canada 


There is a reason this place has constantly been rated the number one spot in North America. It hosted the 2010 winter Olympics along with Vancouver. The terrain is absolutely beautiful so when you combine that with the fact that it is extremely lose to Vancouver it makes it a must see destination. What makes it a great destination is that it has a lot to do for any people in your group who are not into snowboarding as well. But if you are it has 37 lifts that can reach over 8000 acres of varied and very challenging terrain for beginners as well as more advanced snow boarders. It has everything you could possibly want in bowls, steeps, a superpipe and much more.

Mammoth, California 


Mammoth is gorgeous and a great excuse for any snowboarder who has not been to California to come to the sunshine state. Because of the great snow it get’s some times it is even possible to snowboard all the way up until May at this great resort. The Village is located at the edge of town and that in itself is a huge tourist spot. Once again if you are vacationing with a group that may not be as excited about snowboarding as you they definitely give them something to do as well. But the main attraction is definitely snowboarding and with over 150 trails set on a dead volcano, Mammoth delivers.

Davos, Switzerland 


This is the best overall spot in Switzerland and it is not only a major snowboard resort it is also is a massive town and once again it offers things not just for snowboarders but the whole family as well. The deep powder, massive amount of trees, the big natural hits, half pipes and fun parks make this a must go to destination.