Cape Point in Cape Town, South Africa

cape of good hope5

Cape Point is part of Table Mountain National park and has great mountainous scenery with the ocean on both sides. The Cape of Good Hope is situated in the park, and is the most southwestern tip of Africa. The views atop the rugged rocks and sheer cliffs, which tower over 200 metres above the sea, are simply incredible.

Bartolomeu Dias named Cape Point the ‘Cape of Storms’ in 1488 and for good reason. Cape Point has dangerous rocks everywhere and combined with violent storms, this area was extremely difficult for ships to navigate. Over the years, many ships succumbed to the difficult waters, littering the coastline with shipwrecks. In an effort to prevent these shipwrecks, a lighthouse was constructed. Completed in 1859, the lighthouse stands at 249 metres above the sea.

Table Mountain is an iconic landmark of South Africa and is actually the most photographed attraction. I have ventured on this hike three times already and it is breathtaking every single time. This national park in Cape Town, South Africa was created to protect the natural environment of the Table Mountain Chain, specifically the rare fynbos vegetation.

Hiking Table Mountain is an amazing opportunity to see the biodiversity of Cape Town, South Africa. There are around 2,200 species of plants found on Table Mountain and 1470 floral species. There is no shortage of stunning wildlife either. We were able to see ostriches, elands, and other plains game. Table mountain is also home to caracals and chacma baboons.

Here are some pictures of both the “east and “west” sides of Cape Point.