Mack Prioleau: How Riding a Wave Can Improve Your Life

There are few things more thrilling and enjoyable than riding a wave — an activity that requires both patience and constant practice. However, while you are having fun on your surfboard, your body and mind are simultaneously thanking you; surfing is a win-win-win situation. Here are some of the hugest benefits of going surfing, whether you are a professional or are just starting out in the sport, according to passionate surfer Mack Prioleau.

Flexibility and Balance

One of the biggest benefits of going surfing is that it helps to improve your flexibility. The more flexible you become, the more likely you are to avoid being injured, both on the waves and on dry ground. Surfing also helps you to improve your balance, which is an essential ability as you grow older in order to avoid suffering injuries from fractures and breaks as a result of falls.

Health and Strength

Surfing is inherently good for your body, especially your cardiovascular system. When you strengthen your cardiovascular system — your heart, arteritis, and veins — through surfing, this ultimately helps to reduce fatigue and shortness of breath, and you can also protect yourself from life-threatening heart attacks. The more you participate in activities that stress your heart as well as your accessory organs, the better your cardiovascular system will be able to perform.

In addition to improving your heart, you also improve your muscles when you surf. Paddling a surfboard constantly will lead to a boost in your muscle mass and strengthen your chest, arms, and shoulders. The more muscle mass you have, the more capable you are of completing daily-living activities. A high muscle mass also increases your body’s metabolic rate, which means you burn more calories in a day’s time and therefore can more easily accomplish your weight-loss or weight-maintenance objectives.

Mental Peace

For many surfers, the many mental benefits of surfing seem to outweigh the physical ones. For instance, the act of surfing is indeed challenging and fun, but the feeling a person gets afterward is incomparable. This feeling is a mental peace that is hard to find elsewhere but out on the ocean. In addition, when you are riding a wave, you are fully living in the present. You are not distracted by technology or by other people or situations; all you have is yourself, your surfboard, and the wave beneath you. Your focus is on what is before you at the moment, and this “living in the now” is what makes surfing feel like such an escape from the rest of the world.


The more you master surfing, the more of a self-confidence boost you will experience. You can liken riding a wave to riding a bull: You have no clue how the ocean will behave sometimes. Although this can be unsettling and frightening for many people, surfing gives you the opportunity to practice staying calm, cool, and collected in even the most unpredictable of circumstances — a skill that can help you in all areas of your life.