Mack Prioleau: Must-Visit Places in Singapore

Mack Prioleau: Top 5 Places to Visit in Singapore

If you ask Mack Prioleau, there’s something about Singapore that reminds him of Dubai. It could be the expats in the city or the high cost of living, but whatever it is, Singapore has long been on his must-visit list in the next few years. Having read extensively on the things one can do and places to visit in Singapore, Mack Prioleau has put together a guide that may help other people come up with an itinerary. Here are his top five picks when visiting Singapore for the first time:

1. Gardens by the Bay – For such a tiny city, you have to give it to Singapore for allotting plenty of public space for gardens. The city has close to a dozen, and among them, Mack Prioleau wants to visit Gardens by the Bay the most. The flower dome is arguably the prettiest in all Southeast Asia, with so many varieties of flora. Indeed, Singaporeans must love their flowers as the Gardens by the Bay is all out with a waterfall, conservatory, and an unbelievably beautiful cloud forest.

2. Marina Bay – Next on the list for Mack Prioleau is Marina Bay, lighting up Singapore’s skyline. The sunset is beautiful here, and once darkness falls, Marina Bay offers a spectacular panoramic view of Singapore. Aside from the views, the marina has a fun laser and light show you can catch for free. If you get hungry from walking around the huge complex, there’s a wide selection of restaurants to choose from. You can hit the food courts for something affordable, or dine at the posh French fine-dining restaurants. Mack Prioleau would love to try the steak and wine at CUT by Wolfgang Puck.

3. Maxwell Food Centre – It’s not Singapore without its hawkers, and Maxwell Food Centre is the food market to go to for a lesson on Singapore street food. This is where Anthony Bourdain had his fill of Hainanese chicken rice! Aside from the chicken rice though, Mack Prioleau is also interested in trying the carrot cake, char kway teow, fish bee hoon, and pork porridge. This is real and unique Singaporean food that can’t be had anywhere else. Of course, eating street food right where they were conceived is part of the experience.

4. Universal Studios Singapore – Sure, there’s always a nearby Universal Studios right at home like the one in California, but in Singapore, it’s been elevated as a vacation highlight. The long queues don’t faze Mack Prioleau — he’d gladly line up for the roller coasters while people-watching. Universal Studios Singapore draws in people from all backgrounds, from young couples to families with their kids and senior citizens.

5. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum – Mack Prioleau caps off his top places to visit in Singapore with this beautiful Buddhist temple with a roof garden. From a distance, the red facade is striking and almost intimidating, but once you step inside, the atmosphere is serene and peaceful. This is a great place to meditate or have a short moment of silence without being disturbed.

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