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I enjoyed writing my last list of animals you must see on safari, I decided to keep it going with another list and with more animals. Do not feel that you are limited to the animals you see on this list or any other list for that matter, part of going on safari is seeing animals in their natural environment so unlike the zoo there is no guarantee on what you will see but you will see something amazing that puts life in perspective for you.

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This one almost made it on my last list but there was just not enough room to fit it….pun very intended! In all seriousness this is the largest mammal on earth and the rare combination of beauty and size will definitely leave you in awe after you see this creature close up and in it’s natural habitat. The best things about these animals is that they are very peaceful when left alone but as you can imagine disturbing these creatures is not the way to go because having 12,000 lb’s of straight power charging you is probably not a good idea. Their size can reach over 14 feet and can be 30 feet wide and because of this as you can imagine they drink and eat 30-50 gallons of water and veggie every day.



The Giraffe may seem like a strange animal to put on this list for their lack of “excitement” as the other animals. But just like the elephant there is just something awe inspiring but the size and beauty of this animal. They have blue tongues (be honest we all turned our own tongues blue at one point with candy) they have 5 inch knobs in their hand and obviously incredibly long necks which makes them the tallest mammal on earth. This is a must see for any safari.