Mack Prioleau South Africa Trip

Having just recently visited South Africa, I thought I would include a blog about some of my favorite animals to see on safari as well as some others that I heard are a must see from fellow travelers, or in my research leading up to the trip.


download Lion

This should come as no surprise, whether you are a fan of Lion King or just want to see the true king of the jungle in it’s natural environment this is usually the main attraction to going on safari in South Africa. Since they sleep about twenty hours a day (what a life) you are most likely to see then snoozing then running about but nothing can replace seeing a lion in their natural habitat whether they are sleeping or not.


Mountain Gorilla

I wanted to add this one to the list because most people may overlook this animal as they can visit a gorilla in most zoo’s across the United States. But this is not a normal Gorilla this is an extremely rare one that only exist in a tiny area in East Africa and you actually have to take a special safari to see. If you  happen to be in East Africa this is definitely must see and will blow all your expectations out the water


Nile Crocodile 

This is one of the easiest animals to spot on safari as they can be found in almost every river across the continent. This is on the list because they have been around for over 200 million years and have that prehistoric look to it that I personally find so amazing. Not only that but the sheer size of them can be intimidating they can grow up to 18 feet. Because of their power they are actually responsible for a number of human fatalities so if you do see one be sure to proceed with extreme caution!