Mack Prioleau’s Top 3 Tips for Surviving a Winter Surf

Mack Prioleau Shares Tips to Help You Enjoy Surfing in Winter

For Mack Prioleau, surfing is a way of life. Either you live and breathe it every day or you don’t. There’s no middle ground; at least for serious surfers, in his opinion. In his latest blog entry, he talks about “extreme” surfing; that is, surfing in the cold, harsh winter weather. You are invited to read on to learn more about his thoughts on the matter.

You might wonder why anyone would even consider surfing in winter. But the harsh winter weather—and cold waters of the ocean—are actually what some extreme surfers look forward to every year. Besides, if surfing is in your blood, every day is a good day to surf, regardless of weather conditions. Only when your safety is at risk do you even slightly consider surfing another day.

So if you’re eager to surf in winter, below are a few tips that I suggest you consider—just to make surfing as enjoyable and smooth as when you’re surfing in perfect weather.

1. Suit up. When you’re out in the cold waters of the ocean, you’d want to stay as warm as possible. The last thing you want to take home from your winter surfing expedition is hypothermia! Go for a neoprene suit. Neoprene helps keep the cold out, keeping you warm while you’re out in the cold. If you can’t find a suit at the last minute, go for a vest that you can wear under your wetsuit, or a jacket that you can wear over your long johns or regular suit.

2. Warm up before hitting the water. Don’t expose your body to the shocking chill of the cold water immediately upon arriving at the beach. Do a few warm-up exercises first. Load up on carbs and protein, and drink water to stay hydrated. It’s also recommended to cover up while walking towards the beach. Wear a good pair of boots, cover your hands with thick, warm gloves, and cover your head with a hoodie. Once you’re out at the beach, start stripping off and do a few stretches again to warm-up before finally paddling out.

3. Keep your skin and lips moisturized. Cool air can dry your skin and lips so fast that before you know it, you’re already nursing chapped lips or getting itchy skin. Apply a liberal amount of moisturizer on your lips and skin and then keep the moisture in by adding a layer of petroleum jelly on your lips and skin.

These are but three essential things that I would recommend to anyone looking to go surfing in winter. You may also have your own rituals and safety measures for winter surfing, and if you’d like to share them with the rest of our readers, please feel free to do so! We welcome all types of helpful tips to make for a more enjoyable winter surfing experience!

You may get in touch with me, Mack Prioleau, through this site for tips and comments that you’d like to share. I look forward to hearing from you!