My Favorite Surfing Spots In Cape Town

The surfing in Cape Town, South Africa is phenomenal. As I previously discussed, there are a number of great surf spots in South Africa, offering up a variety of conditions and atmospheres. Now that I have left Cape Town, I have had time to reflect on some of my favorite surfing locations in Cape Town. Here are my 5 favorite surfing spots in Cape Town, South Africa.

1) Long Beach

After four months of Cape Town surfing, I would call Long Beach, located in the surf town Kommetjie, my “home break.” It has a very consistent beach break, which is great for those that are new to the area. Located on the right side, there is a steep and fast short break, which ideal for the more advanced surfers; on the left side there are much more manageable breaks as well. The locals are nice at Long Beach, making for an extremely enjoyable surf. There are also some spectacular views of Chapman’s Peak here as well.

2) Big Bay

It was not until about a month and a half left in my trip that I had the opportunity to surf Big Bay, but it quickly became one of my favorite spots. Located just 20 minutes on the other side of Table Bay, the views overlooking Cape Town are truly spectacular. Big Bay also has beach break with multiple peaks. While the location is very crowded on the weekends, if you get there on a weekday morning, you will find the water nearly empty. When it is time to take a rest, there is a lively shopping center located right on the beach, with surf shops and restaurants, perfect for a post-surf beer or coffee.

3) Dunes

While it is a long journey to reach, Dunes is a regional classic for South Africans. After parking your car at Noordhoek Beach, you will then have to head another 30 minutes down the beach to Dunes. Once you are there, you will know it. It takes a fair amount of swell to get going, but when the conditions are right, the waves is a perfect and powerful: A-frame breaking to the left and the right.

4) Victoria Bay

I had the opportunity to surf Victoria Bay one time while we were doing the Garden Route road trip. Victoria Bay is a 3-hour drive up the eastern coast from Cape Town. Victoria Bay has a right point break that works consistently. There is a tough take off spot over shallow rocks, but once you are up it is a great long right.

5) Witsand

Located on the other side of Kommetjie, Witsands is somewhat of a last resort break. Although the waves aren’t usually the best, the water is crystal clear and there are great views of Misty Cliffs. Witsands is also rarely crowded, so it is nice to have some space and not worry about other riders.