Shark Diving Off Seal Island In False Bay

We went shark diving at the infamous Seal Island in False Bay. The island is a small land mass off the northern beaches of False Bay near Cape Town and derives its name from the large number of Cape Fur Seals that occupy the area. There are well over 60,000 seals on and around this land mass. It was truly an incredible sight to take in.


The seals attract their main predator, the great white shark, to the area making this an amazing place to shark dive. This location has attracted many television shows and documentaries to film the great white sharks as it is a great place to observe the interactions between these animals and the attacks by the great white sharks.

Shark Dive Photos:

  • IMG_7871

  • IMG_7889

The water surrounding Seal Island provides an amazing opportunity to witness these sharks in action. Having the opportunity to go underwater and watch these animals in their natural habitat was surreal. It provides an amazing rush to be face to face with these enormous sharks.

Check out some video from the shark dive and get a look at the sharks from underwater.

Shark Dive in South Africa from Mack Prioleau on Vimeo.