Surfing In Cape Town, South Africa

The surfing in Cape Town, South Africa has been incredible. There are plenty of great spots to go in the area, including Long Beach, Witsands, Dunes, and Muizenberg. It is a great variety of conditions, from coves with small swells to large beaches with massive waves. While the water can be icy, it does not discourage anyone from throwing on a wetsuit and getting out in the water.

Long Beach 15253835941_eee48ae4bb My favorite place so far has been Long Beach in Kommetjie. The small town is located just outside Cape Town just down the Cape Peninsula on the west coast. Long Beach is an incredibly friendly area and it is a very popular spot for surfers in the area. It breaks all year round to both the left and right making it the perfect place for both natural and goofy footers.

Dunes Dunes Mack Prioleau Dunes is a little bit more challenging location and takes some effort to get too. After a 40-minute drive from the city, you will need to hike down a long stretch of beach, which will take about another 30 minutes. But it is certainly worth the trip if you get out there on a good surf day. With a south-easterly wind, you should expect to see six to eight foot waves with world-class tubes.

Muizenberg Muizenberg Surfing Jul 18 (1) If you are looking to learn to surf or simply looking for a calmer ride then Muizenberg is the place to be. The waves are gentle, making it a  great place to learn or brush up on your skills. Muizenberg is best when there is a north-westerly wind. When it is time for a break, there are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops nearby, making this a fun place to spend the day.

Witsands Frame-09-08-2015-08-33-37 Witsands has a consistent surf that is ideal during an offshore wind from the northeast. The beach breaks both right and left, making this a fun surf for all riders. This location is also rarely crowded, so it is nice to be able to get a little space and not worry about other riders. It is important to mention, however, that strong rip currents can make this a very dangerous surfing location.