3 Tips To Make Your First Camping Trip Memorable

Camping allows many people to escape the distracting world we live in today and connect with nature. For many, it is a form of decompressing after a long work week or some looking for fun vacation ideas. There are many camping sites around the US that have their own perks and scenic sites. However, if you’ve never been camping there are some things you want to know before booking your first camping site. Listed below are 3 tips to make your first camping trip memorable and smooth-sailing. 


Choose the appropriate time: 

The best time for you to camp outdoors is between the late spring to the early fall season.  The main factor that plays into the best camping season is the climate of the site. To elaborate, you do not want to choose a camping site where heavy downpours are the norm or a site that experiences frigid temperatures.  These climate extremes will only make camping miserable.


Camping Activities: 

Depending on what you want out of your first experience with camping, it can be a relaxing experience sleeping outdoors in a tent away from civilization. However, there are campgrounds that are in close proximity to other outdoor events including rock climbing, hiking, or kayaking. Before choosing a campsite, think about what your goal is for your camping trip. If you’re looking to relax, a camping site in the mountains would suit your goal better. However, if you’re looking to be outdoors and active, find camping sites that offer or have access to outdoor activities. 


Learn the camping do’s and dont’s: 

As with any event, book your reservation for the camping site immediately. Camping sites tend to fill up quickly, especially on the weekends during summer. Once you book your camping site, the next important thing to analyze what is permissible and not permissible. For example, some camping sites welcome pets including dogs. Other camping sites may prohibit you from bringing pets including dogs. Some other features to look for in a camping site are the ability to start fires, a source of water (toilets, bathrooms, etc.), and the availability of the campsite.