Trail running camps to kick-start your training

Training Camps for Trail Running: Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into the Wild

Hello, everyone! This is Mack Prioleau. Today I thought about talking a little bit about trail running. As a lover of the outdoors, I spend a great deal of time hiking trails to reach the best summits in the country. I also like trekking the trails of our national parks. I guess you can say that I’m quite experienced when it comes to hiking and trekking. But there’s one thing about the outdoors that I have yet to master—trail running.

There’s no doubt that trail running is very much different from regular running or jogging. Where your feet can easily get accustomed to running on paved paths so much that the only challenge left (most of the time) for regular runners is to beat their last record run; for trail running, it’s a whole different ballgame. Soft, muddy terrain, grass, slopes, twigs, branches, and a multitude of other obstacles challenge your skills and stamina on every trail run.

I know that I have to get the proper training in order for me to be physically and mentally ready for an honest-to-goodness actual trail run. And since I like to travel, I decided to check out trail running camps in the country that are outside of where I currently reside, which is Nashville, Tennessee. I figured, traveling locally to join a trail running camp allows me to still enjoy two of the things I love most: traveling and the outdoors.

Trail Running Camp Locations in the US

1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson Hole is a valley that sits between two mountain ranges in Wyoming; Teton Mountain Range and the Gros Ventre Range. As such, you will find running trails of varying degrees in this area. Check out Mountain Running Academy if you’re up for a dose of extensive training. Choose from three courses: Cool Impossible Camp, Ultra X Training, and Peak FX Training Camp.

The camp usually runs for three days but check their official website as well to get the latest updates on length and schedules.

2. Colorado. Colorado is a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders during the winter but when the snow has melted and the mountains have unveiled their lush greens once more, the state will have trails perfect for running. Check out Hut Run Hut for trail running that takes you from Aspen to Vail. It’s a 100-mile run that takes you to the amazing trails across the Rockies. If you’re looking for a scenic trail running training camp, then this one’s for you.

There are three six-day camp schedules available. Kindly visit their official website for more details.

3. Flagstaff, Arizona. There are two trail running training camps available here: Rob Krar Ultra Camp and McMillan Running Getaways. Rob Krar Ultra Camp takes you trail running during training days and enjoying your natural surroundings with a picnic lunch in the outdoors during breaks from training. It’s a training session \and vacation rolled into one!

Now, for those who are looking for a more extensive and athletic training, McMillan Running Getaways is for you. Train on trails that some of the country’s most elite trail runners have traversed. Training includes high altitude running along Arizona’s highest peaks, the San Francisco Peaks.

I’m not sure yet which one I’ll do, but I’m more inclined towards training in Flagstaff, Arizona. What about you? Do you have a trail running training camp in your area? Buzz me up! I’d love to check it out. You may reach me, Mack Prioleau, through this site.